Uber announces first SSA-wide vehicle access partnership with Moove

A partnership that aims to make owning cars more affordable for drivers in Africa

Lagos, 13 July 2020 – Uber has today announced a partnership with Moove, sub-Saharan Africa’s first flexible car ownership company, to provide potential and current Uber drivers in sub-Saharan Africa with long-term access to vehicles. The largest partnership of its kind, the collaboration aims to lower existing barriers to car ownership on the continent and empower drivers to be their own boss within a shorter time frame.

Moove’s partnership with Uber across sub-Saharan Africa will provide riders with access to newer car models when they request a ride. As part of an ongoing commitment to safety and particularly in the current fight against COVID-19, Moove cars are fitted with transparent and perspex partition screens to separate the driver from rear and passenger seat riders.

Director of Business Development in MEA, Justin Spratt says, “We are passionate about delivering better experiences for drivers and are therefore excited to partner with Moove to develop meaningful, customised solutions for drivers in sub-Saharan Africa. Through this partnership, drivers’ livelihoods will be meaningfully improved while enabling them to get into the driver’s seat when it comes to their own future.”

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