How a Schmegegge (Yiddish for a ‘know-it-all’) Helped me Find a New Love for Fintech

August at The Fintech Times includes a focus on Fintech for Good. In this article, our North American Managing Editor, Adam L. Snyder, explores what Fintech for Good means to him and how a chance meeting helped him find a new appreciation of Fintech.

Celebrating an annual 20th birthday.

A few weeks ago I went to dinner for an old friend’s birthday. One of the things that I appreciate most about this friend is that she always gathers an interesting, diverse crowd. Just like the last ten times we’ve celebrated her 20th birthday, this dinner did not disappoint. As the night went on, I noticed that one person seemed to have the final answer for every topic. It didn’t matter if we discussed subjective things like art or music or more objective subjects like science or history. He spoke with authority on everything in a way that ensured everyone knew his opinions were undebatable facts.

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