Let's #Moove together!

Uber has announced a partnership with Moove, sub-Saharan Africa’s first flexible car ownership company, to provide potential and current Uber drivers in sub-Saharan Africa with long-term access to vehicles. Click here for more information

Make that Moove.

Get a new car to drive on Uber in 5 days

Rent a new Car on our flexible rental product or own a new car on our Drive-to-own product.

It's Simple. It's Flexible. It's Affordable

Moove Benefits

Brand New Cars

  • All our cars are affordable new cars
  • All cars are available on Flexible Rental plan
  • All cars are available on our Drive-To-Own plan
  • 24, 36 or 48 months payment plans

Services Included

  • Free monthly service
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Fuel included on selected plans
  • Free mobile phone & data
  • Insurance included on selected plans

Added Benefits

  • 24 hours support
  • Dedicated team captain
  • Email and text statements
  • Additional revenue potential
  • Weekly incentives program for drivers on selected plans

How Moove works

Find out how you can own a car and drive on Uber in just five days!


Sign Up for a Moove Car

Find out how you can own a car and drive on Uber in just five days!


Get assessed and verified for a Moove Car

If you meet our minimum criteria, you will be invited to complete our assessment program. We will verify all your documents and guarantors.


Collect your Moove car

After your assessment, a new car will be assigned to you. We will give you an appointment to come and collect your new car.

Explore our cars

Our product plans

Flexible Rental

Pay a weekly rental fee to have access to A Brand New car to drive on Uber
Rent for as long as your want

24, 36 or 48 Months Drive-To-Own

Sign-up to a Moove payment plan and own your car in 24, 36 or 48 Months
Use your Uber performance to buy a new car

Why drivers love Moove

Ebele Edith Onwurah

Uber driver

The scheme Moove came up with is second to none. Great opportunity to create daily income. Since I partnered with Moove, I've been able to access money daily and have gained some level of financial independence.

Ifeyinwa Uzoma

Uber driver

Since I joined Moove Africa, my finances have changed for the better. I don't struggle with my bills anymore. I'm grateful for having the opportunity to work with Moove Africa.

Linus Obunuwa

Uber driver

My rider was very happy to know that Moove cares for comfort. He said it is fantastic customer care. Thank you Moove!

Moove in the News

Make that Moove, get yourself a new car to drive on Uber in 5 days.